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ReporterWe investigate the Story about a Mom
who Makes over $6,700/Month

Have You Ever Thought About Earning an Income From
Home… Online?

Lauretta Kizewski of , never thought that her life would
change forever, until curiosity got the best of her and she filled out a
simple online form and put out very little money to try a new program
she came across while surfing online. Before she knew it, her life took
a 180 degree turn for the better and she discovered her secret to
beating the recession, and being able to provide for her family while
working at home with her new born child.

After reading Lauretta’s blog last month we decided to feature her
life changing story in our weekly consumer report. During our phone
interview she told us her amazing story. “I actually make a whopping
$6,000-$7,000 a month working online which is enough to comfortably replace my old jobs income, especially considering I only work about 10-13 hours a week
from home vs the 40 hour work week of my old job.”

Online work has been a proven financial windfall for Lauretta, who struggled for months to find
a decent job to support her family during her pregnancy but kept hitting dead ends without moving forward. “I lost my job shortly after the recession hit, I was pregnant at the time, I needed reliable income, and I was not interested in the “get rich quick” scams you see all over the internet. Those
are all pyramid scams or programs where you have to sell to your friends and family and that’s not honest work. I just needed a time tested and proven, legitimate way to earn a living for me and my family. The best part of working online is that I am always home and especially now that I have given birth to our first newborn child. I save a lot of money because there’s hardly any overhead.”

“I actually make $8,000 to $9,000 a month working
from home and I did it in a handful of months.”

-Lauretta Kizewski

I asked her about how she started her remarkable online journey. “It was pretty easy, I actually
received an email in my inbox that sparked my interest, so I was curious, went to the site, filled
out a short, easy form and signed up for a work at home program where I got immediate access
to everything! They were actually giving a limited-time $100 instant rebate, which last time I
checked, they were still doing. And since they offered a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – It was
a no brainer. I figured I really had nothing to lose. So, I started the program and within four weeks
I was making over $5,000 a month. My income keeps increasing and it’s really simple, I am definitely not a computer whiz, but I can use the internet. A year ago, I only knew how to hit the power button and didn’t know what surfing the net was. I followed the step-by-step instructions, and I don’t even have to sell anything and nobody has to buy anything. This system is not only amazing, it is a very stable system and they are recruiting more members, you should try it.”

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Consumers purchase Billions and Billions of dollars worth of products, programs and systems each year online. Every time people use the internet, go on Facebook and other social media platforms or do a search, someone is making money. This system will teach you how to get a piece of this money pie and free yourself from the 40 hour, five day work week and for some, a six day week. The internet and social media economy has grown by leaps and bounds in the recession, so why not take advantage of the gold rush? There are plenty of pyramid scams and other hogwash programs on the internet claiming you can make $50,000 – $60,000 a month, but that is exactly what they are… scams. From my conversation with Lauretta, “I am making a good, steady, increasing salary from home, which is amazing, and under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible, draining economy. Hands down, I thank the good Lord every day that I signed up for this program.”

Quickly, Lauretta Kizewski was able to use this simple PayDay Automation to
break out of the recession.



Lauretta had never shared her story before until today, and with her permission, are putting it
public for all to know. Here are the exact steps she told us to take:

Step 1

Go to this link, get more info and fill out an easy, basic online form at PayDay Automation

They are still giving a $100 Instant Rebate

Step 2

After you sign-up you are given immediate access to the Members Area to begin profiting with
the Program. And the Support is not only Great, it Excellent!

Step 3

Deposit your earnings into your bank account! Enjoy Life! Spend more time with family!

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    Lauretta Kizewski is a regular mom who lost her job last year, and after an endless and unsuccessful job hunt, she started working online. I interviewed her about her amazing story and she revealed her steps for success.

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